Employee expenses including office in home
Declaration of Conditions of Employment
Auto expenses
Business Income and expenses
Professional income and expenses
Rental income and expenses

Personal tax return check-list

  • Notice of assessment of the previous year
  • All Information slips such as:
  • T3 (income from trusts)
  • T4 employment
  • T4A (commissions and self-employed)
  • T4 RIF – Registered Income Fund
  • T4A, T4A(P) Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • T4OAS, (old age security)
  • T4E, employment insurance)
  • T4RSP (retirement savings plan income)
  • T5 (investment income)
  • T5007 (workers’ compensation/social assistance payments)
  • T5013 (partnership income)
  • Did you receive the Universal Child Care Benefit? Please provide details. (RC 62)
  • Receipts for children’s participation in programs related to physical activity
  • Receipts for Public Transit Passes
  • Details of purchase of tools for your job
  • Details of home buyer repayment provisions/LLP
  • Pension Income–Foreign and Domestic (T4A) T4A(P) CPP
  • Amounts paid by instalments
  • Documents re: purchase or sale of investments/real estate (including details of shares donated to charity)
  • RRSP contribution slips
  • Medical, dental, nursing home and other private medical insur¬ance receipts
  • Charitable donations
  • Tuition fees/education amount (T2202A)
  • Interest paid on student loan(s)
  • Professional dues/union dues
  • Details of foreign property holdings (if any)*
  • Details of any foreign income or holdings*
  • Carrying charges/loan interest
  • Safety deposit box fees
  • Professional consultants’ fees
  • Spousal support income/payments
  • RRSP Homebuyer and education withdrawal information
  • Legal fees
  • Employment Expenses
  • Total kilometres driven and/or vehicle driving log

Rental Property

  • Address and number of units
  • Details of all rent income received
  • Details of all expanses: Rrepairs insurance and renovation costs , , property taxes, mortgage interest, utilities

Business Income/Self-employed Income/Commission Expenses

  • Revenue and expenses for the year
  • Fixed Asset additions
  • Do you have an office in your home? We need the details of what you paid–e.g., property taxes, mortgage interest, utilities, repairs and insurance
  • Do you use your car to earn income? We need the details–amount spent on gas, repairs, insurance, parking, car washes, leasing or original cost, the amount of business and personal mileage
  • Form T2200 from employer (declaration of conditions of em¬ployment)
  • Details of apprentice vehicle mechanic tool costs in year
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Truckers (TL2)
  • Total kilometres driven and/or vehicle driving log