Bookkeeping Services

The term Bookkeeper refers to a person who systematically records the financial transactions and maintains the correct & up-to-date financial records of any organization
The Bookkeeper enters the data which underscores the financial reporting on every company and for this reason, it has to be done accurately. A Bookkeeper must understand the mechanics of financial statements, since every entry a Bookkeeper makes eventually hits the balance sheet and Profit & Loss statement.
Set up and maintain a complete set of books
Prepare all Government remittances as required
Financial reporting as per clients needs
Job costing
Prior period reconstruction
Preparation of year end working papers to save client accounting fees
Preparation and filing of personal tax returns

Onsite Bookkeeping
Offsite Bookkeeping
Remote Bookkeeping

Payroll service

  • Maintaining master file for your employees
  • Payroll preparation
  • Issuing pay stubs
  • Issuing of T4, T4A, T5
  • Remit payroll deduction
  • Issuing Records Of Employment ROE
  • Communication with CCRA and Human Resources on your behalf